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Digitization of Fashion through Covid.

"Fashion is a part of daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes                                  

-Diana Vreeland

Corona pandemic, as a horror to the world, left no area untouched in a halt or regressive way or switched to progressive way. This wasn’t the moment to throw up hands in defeat, though. Designers who embraced change and viewed 2020 as an opportunity to redefine fashion’s importance, rather than diminish it, delivered some truly unforgettable moments. 


The world of fashion is one of the most inconsistent and progressive concept in the world. The design you wear today goes off suit tomorrow, may it be retreat in an altered design after years.

Over the past decades, online shopping was growing though, it was not supposed to get virtualized abruptly. With the arrival of corona-virus in early spring, the digital trend took off. Many customers were more or less forced to enter the digital domain. Online shopping became the only way for customers to get new products at home, with the result that fashion companies set their sights on their digital channels. In addition, in a time of little physical contact, the need for online representation grew.


It was to go digitized today or tomorrow, and just accelerated in the name of corona-virus period. To set back is a no way possible in any context rather would grow in a full fledged way. These developments are likely to continue in 2021 for sure. The shutters, physical malls may shut down but fashion will grow and globalize. Through the period, everyone is approached to global market to the varied fashion and clothing. The competition in fashion design and clothing would go to cruelest moment with a concept of novelty and extra-catchy way.