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Fashion: Empowering women

“Has fashion really anything to do with empowering women, with their freedom, their ability to stand for themselves, their body, their role in society and the way it evolves?”

When it's used to impose a one and only canon of beauty, when it exploits poor workers (mainly uneducated women) in unsafe factories, when it dictates what looks good and what doesn’t when it causes ecological calamities, - that Fashion -, indeed, has nothing to do with women’s empowerment nor any positive impact on society.

However, the evolution on fashion, some noted empirical evidences can be projected as logic. No doubt,male always has been dominant to female since ages beyond some exceptional cases. Therefore, empowering women, as well, has been the most prominent issue among movements.

Empowerment is all about confidence and fashion is an amazing tool to reflect that. For many, it's about having a highly personal aesthetic—that could be about prints, colour, proportion or having the confidence to pair unusual pieces together. Woman can expose their emotion, attitude and freedom through fashionable garments. The modern fashion is forcing the male counterparts to change their view on female.

Female in it’s sophisticated dress up looks more confident.